May 29, 2016 today 160529 inkigayo live vote purpose live streaming 15:30kst(gmt+9) 1.change phone / pc time zone to seoul,korea (gmt+9/kst)2.wait for live.... Jan 26, 2015 [TUTORIAL] MelOn voting (Inkigayo) Voting period: Monday 18:00 ~ Sunday 00:00 KST Broadcast: Sunday 13:15 KST MelOn is used by.... Apr 29, 2015 How to Pre-Vote on MelOn for BTS' Inkigayo Comeback Just to start, when I went to vote just now, MelOn asked me to confirm my phone.... Oct 6, 2020 1) To vote for Bangtan during the live airing of Inkigayo, go to the tab (refer to the screenshot above) and find the tab. Enter your.... Jun 19, 2021 Inkigayo has live-voting only, which means you'll have to vote only while the show is being broadcast. It's on every Sunday. I'm not sure about.... Dec 22, 2016 OTE ONCE / ACCOUNT / DAY REGISTER 1. Click on this link to go to the sign up page:.... Dec 13, 2016 [Tutorial] How to Vote on Inkigayo Pre-voting Poll (PC/Mobile) Pre-Voting Period: Written on the poll in YYYY MM DD format You can only.... Voting for The Show is in two parts: the pre-vote and the live voting. ... You know what I'm talking about: seconds before the winner of an Inkigayo episode is... 538a28228e

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